Capital Markets Roundtable Event – Kenya

FSD Africa is hosting a series of roundtables to have strategic conversations with market stakeholders to ensure there is a practical in-depth understanding of innovative financing structures to enable them to play their role in sustainable financing.

The theme for this roundtable is mobilising long-term capital for sustainable development in Kenya.

Kenya requires significant investment to sustainably finance its development. For instance, Kenya requires USD 61.7 billion between 2020 and 2030 to meet its global commitment to climate change. Similarly, Kenya’s annual infrastructure financing gap stands at USD 1.8 billion dollars. These financing needs present an opportunity for the private sector to play a key role in supporting the mobilisation of development finance to augment financing by the Government. Capital markets provide an appropriate avenue to support the channelling of such financing. To enable the private sector to play its rightful role and to mobilise financing at the scale that is required for the various needs, there is a need to innovate and leverage innovative financing structures to improve capital mobilisation and allocation efficiency as well as overcome various constraints.