Principal, Sustainable Insurance

The Principal, Sustainable Insurance contributes to the implementation of overall Risk and Resilience pillar strategy by leading the development and implementation of the Sustainable Insurance Programme which works with the African insurance industry to drive green, inclusive and resilient solutions.

Building on a strong foundation of understanding, the Principal, Sustainable Insurance will conceptualise and lead a portfolio of impactful intervention projects working to drive insurance capital towards net-zero, nature positive outcomes. This involves leading research, analysis and thinking around ecosystem development and in particular leveraging the  ecosystem platform of the Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance (NDSI), which is a collaboration of around 160 insurance organisations across Africa. Network members are key agents for change and FSD Africa seeks to build their capacity to progress in their sustainability journeys, and to support them in influencing key sustainability goals. Our goal is to see both investment and underwriting capital allocated in a way that supports green resilient economic growth.

In addition, the Principal, Sustainable Insurance leads the Senior Manager, Climate Finance and a Programme Manager (as well as independent Consultants as required) providing clarity of direction for the team and delivering a leadership style that results in staff engagement and effective performance.