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Climate Finance Adviser to Lagos State Government

In early 2022, together with the Lagos State Government (LASG), agreed on the joint project “Flood Resilience Finance in Lagos State”. The general aim of the programme is to significantly improve the financial resilience of Lagos State Government’s public infrastructure and budget to flood-related risks and to generally improve climate resilience. 

The implementation and success of the project relies on complex collaborations and communication across several Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the Lagos State Government, as well as on the collaboration of LASG with private sector stakeholders. 

We have therefore agreed to create this role of Climate Finance Adviser within LASG, who will deliver technical advisory and coordination support on climate finance and urban resilience finance to LASG. 

The Climate Finance Adviser will be accountable for the implementation, and continuous review and development, of the agreed strategy and workplan between FSD Africa and LASG. The Climate Finance Adviser will act as technical resource and provider of thought leadership and capacity-building on climate (resilience) finance for all MDAs of Lagos State Government. 

The Climate Finance Adviser is also expected to contribute to, and to advise (where appropriate) on, the implementation of other consultancy assignments and partnership agreements, experiencing between FSD Africa, LASG and the Nigerian and global financial sector. Lastly, the Adviser is also expected to engage in advocacy concerning climate finance within the public and private sector in Lagos State and engage in communications activities that advance the programme’s goals and the broader climate finance agenda. 

For more information, please download the full terms of reference.

Proposals should be submitted by email to by 1200hrs (EAT) on 16 October 2022 under a subject line reading ‘Proposal: Climate Finance Adviser to LASG”.

Questions or comments in respect to these terms of reference should be directed to  and received no later than 17:00pm (EAT) on 10 October 2022. Responses and clarifications will be provided by 17:00pm (EAT) on 11 October 2022 through the same advertisement channels.