FSD Africa Communications Summit


The Strategic Communications and Engagement Pillar intends to hold a strategic communications workshop with the intention to sensitising FSD Africa’s staff on the organisation’s communications strategy and processes, and to revolutionise the way we approach communications, advocacy and engagement with our audiences, both internally and externally. The three-day workshop will be held in [location] and is intended to be an immersive and interactive learning experience which will employ a variety of dynamic formats to foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation of our communications objectives and goals. 

Key aspects 

Communications Strategy – The sensitisation of FSD Africa’s communications strategy which will involve a deep dive into the key highlights and the strategy’s role in shaping our public outlook. 

Impact Storytelling – Enhancing the art of crafting impactful stories that resonate with our audiences and effectively communicate our vision and mission. 

Engagement and Advocacy – Exploring innovative ways to engage with our stakeholders (internally and externally), fostering a culture of proactive advocacy that aligns with our strategic goals. 


  • To disseminate the communications strategy to facilitate understanding of how it interplays with our overall mission and strategic operations. 
  • To enhance project communications management in order to develop comprehensive communications work plans that integrate communications activities and deliverables. 
  • To strengthen cross-collaboration between the SCE Pillar and other Pillars to enhance synergy and knowledge sharing for a more cohesive strategic communication delivery. 
  • To equip technical staff with current best practices and tools in strategic communications with a focus on practical skills and technologies that can be applied to enhance communication effectiveness. 

By the end of this workshop, participants will not only have a thorough understanding of our communications strategy but will also be equipped with the skills and insights needed to effectively implement it, thereby amplifying our impact and presence both within the organization and in the broader financial development sector.