Our Values

Change agent

Our initiatives are designed to change the way financial systems work. This will typically mean challenging conventional ways of doing things and we are comfortable with that.

Committed to a sustainable future

We look for long term solutions that integrate environmental and socioeconomic outcomes. We know that true sustainability depends on being intelligent and honest in the way we reconcile environmental and economic goals that may sometimes conflict


We know we don't always have all the answers. Working in a genuinely collaborative way, in which different points of view are respected and supported, will produce better outcomes for everyone.


We hold ourselves and our service providers to high standards. We place great emphasis on technical excellence, responsiveness, rigorous analysis and generally on providing a great service to our partners

Our people

We are committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion, and to giving the people who work for us the opportunities they need to become leaders in their field, professionally stronger and with a sense of fulfilment at being able to satisfy their passion for Africa's development in a tangible way