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We make finance work for Africa’s future

Established in 2012 and supported by UK aid, FSD Africa is a specialist development agency working to build and strengthen financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa.

FSD Africa is incorporated as a non-profit company limited by guarantee in Kenya. It is funded by UK aid from the UK government.

At FSD Africa, our programming is designed to address systemic challenges within Africa’s financial markets, with the aim of sparking large-scale and long-term change. Our interventions are designed from the ground up, to ensure that Africa’s financial markets better serve those most in need – today, and long after our programmes end.

From our headquarters in Nairobi, our team of over 35 financial sector experts lead ambitious programmes spanning 28 countries across the continent.

FSD Africa is part of a family of 10 financial sector deepening, or FSD programmes, operating across sub-Saharan Africa, known as the FSD Network. Together, the network provides over £50m a year in financial support to high-potential financial market development programmes, and employs over 150 financial sector experts, based in local offices across Africa.

As the FSD Network’s regional programme, FSD Africa works to strengthen the impact of individual FSDs and the network as a whole. We regularly convene the community, provide capacity building support, and foster opportunities for collaboration.

Our new growth areas

Africa is actively expanding its impact through three new growth areas, each aimed at harnessing innovative financial solutions to address critical environmental and economic challenges across the continent. These new growth areas reflect FSD Africa’s commitment to evolving its strategies in response to the continent’s changing needs by not just aiming to address immediate financial gaps but also laying the groundwork for a sustainable and resilient future for Africa.

Carbon Markets

Carbon Markets

Realising the untapped potential of carbon financing in Africa, FSD Africa is pioneering efforts to integrate carbon into financial instruments like green bonds and exploring carbon finance in nature-based projects. By bridging technical expertise gaps and fostering collaborations, we aim to leverage carbon markets to support sustainable development and environmental conservation in Africa.

Innovative Climate Finance

Innovative Climate Finance

With a focus on leveraging financial technology to aid communities most affected by climate change, FSD Africa is at the forefront of developing fintech-enabled solutions. Our initiatives aim to bolster the resilience of climate-vulnerable communities, driving towards mobilising significant green investments and fostering the development of climate-resilient solutions.



By focusing on biodiversity credits and supporting the development of nature-positive financial flows, we're contributing to global efforts to preserve biodiversity. Our work includes stress-testing financial institutions, supporting the implementation of nature-related financial disclosures, and promoting nature conservation through financial strategies.

Our March 2026 targets

1.9 Billion
3.2 Million
50 Million
62, 700
12 Million

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