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ImFact is an expanding fintech company that is pioneering a new, technology-driven approach to receivable financing in order to avail working capital to MSMEs. As a “pooled receivables” factoring business, ImFact purchases bulk invoices from MSMEs for a mix of upfront cash and deferred payments, allowing for faster cash-conversion cycles.

Investment Details




Smart finance for SMEs in the supply chain


Whole-sale Receivable Financing



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Our role

  • FSDAi invested in ImFact to encourage the development of technology-enabled wholesale receivable financing as a new venue for SMEs to access working capital across the continent.
  • FSDAi’s equity investment was critical as Covid-19 placed undue pressure on MSMEs in many sectors. ImFact’s innovative solution will release additional cashflow which previously was locked up as well as providing faster access to working capital.
  • FSD Africa’s grant to ImFact will build the capacity of SMEs on their management of credit and cashflow and to foster a better understanding of technology-enabled wholesale receivable financing.

Our investment

Committed capital:£2.59 million

Instrument:  Equity

* £2.49mn Grant of £0.08mn

Purpose and target market

Through ImFact we seek to:
  • Reduce the financing loops that will allow for greater volumes of trade, better financial viability of MSMEs, therefore stronger MSMEs producing quality jobs.
  • Test and drive the replicability of technology driven supply chain finance solutions in other sectors and geographical markets.
  • Eventually deepen capital markets products using asset-backed securities

Impact to date

Projected impact

5600 Number of jobs expected to be created/retained as a result of the investment

$600m Value of receivables expected to be purchased

400 Number of SMEs expected to benefit from ImFact’s product

5 Number of countries that ImFact is expected to replicate its model

Investee contacts

Shiriki House Office Community (Westside), Nairobi, Kenya

FSD Africa contact

Riverside Green Suites (Palm Suite), Riverside Drive, Nairobi

Updated: October, 2022