We support innovative solutions and ecosystem building initiatives that strengthen Africa’s transition to an inclusive and sustainable digitalised economy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to capitalise on the digital evolution that is already taking place across Africa, accelerating projects that combine finance and digital technology in ways that are sustainable and lead to value creation for businesses and communities, particularly those impacted by climate change.



Our approach combines two interlinked perspectives:

  • Digitising Finance: supply-side (“roots”): building efficiencies within financial sectors and enabling further reach into real economy sectors
  • Financing a digitalised transformation: demand-side (“fruits”): financing new needs and opportunities created through ongoing economic change

While our primary focus is on the demand-side, we recognise that both approaches are needed for Africa’s green economic transformation, given the continent’s current stage of digital evolution.

Current Portfolio

Financing a digitalised transformation:

Digitising Finance:


The Pillar uses a range of instruments depending on project need.  These include research, advocacy, technical assistance and grant funding.

Investment criteria

We seek innovative solutions and ecosystem building initiatives that combine finance and digital technology to reduce vulnerabilities and create value for Africans and businesses.  


The Pillar focuses on four strategic drivers, aligned with FSD Africa’s overall theory of change:

  • Environmental benefits delivered
  • Economic opportunities created
  • Fragility and vulnerability addressed
  • Gender equity realised