FSDAi Overview

Mission statement

We are a leading African impact investor aiming to help solve Africa’s global development challenges by investing in initiatives that improve the availability and efficiency of funding for productive activities, basic social services and climate change. 


FSDAi provides innovative and impact-focussed financing solutions that address identified market needs, requiring an investor with appetite for proof-of-concept investment risk.

Insurance Markets

To increase insurance coverage, penetration and the management of catastrophic climate and disaster risk.

Digital Economy

To accelerate digital financial transformation that will boost food security, trade and climate and health resilience.

Capital Markets

To increase access to long term and patient finance, and the availability of local money market instruments.


FSDAi uses a range of investment instruments specifically designed to accommodate early-stage commercial risk, drive high market development impact and generate acceptable risk-adjusted financial returns on its investment.

Investment Criteria

As a catalytic investor, we seek out ambitious financial ventures with the potential to test and drive innovative models and products that can transform Africa’s financial markets, whilst mobilising significant co-investment finance from the private sector.


We seek to achieve widespread and long-lasting developmental impact through our investing activities, measured by additional capital un-locked, and improved availability of financial services resulting in more and better-quality jobs and economic opportunities, equitable access to basic services, reduction of human vulnerability and inequity, and environment benefits.

Risk returns

We are prepared to assume early-stage investment risk for business models that show the potential for commercial returns and high impact.

Corporate status

We are a public limited company. Our only shareholder is the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).