FSD Africa Investments joins 2X Collaborative

Membership to 2X Collaborative paves way for FSD Africa’s participation in the co-creation of the 2X Certification mechanism and enhances FSD Africa Investment’s co-investment, networking and partnership opportunities on gender lens investing

Nairobi: 5th July 2022: FSD Africa Investments (FSDAi), the investment arm of FSD Africa has today joined the 2X Collaborative.  Launched at the UN Generation Equality Forum 2021 in partnership with GenderSmart and the Investor Leadership Network (ILN), the 2X Collaborative is a leading industry body for gender lens investing. Its mission is to convene and equip investors to increase the volume and impact of capital flowing towards women’s economic empowerment.

FSDAi’s membership to 2X Collaborative will provide access to peer learning networks, knowledge, co-investment platforms, partnership and training opportunities, and innovative investment tools.  These benefits are useful for FSDAi in applying a gender lens investing framework through its investments such as Nyala Venture which provides a facility for local capital providers that are mostly women-led or apply a gender lens in their approach.

There is a huge opportunity to finance inclusive and accelerated green growth in Africa by tapping into the economic participation of women. We are therefore delighted to join the 2X Collaborative and shine a light on GLI investing to advance innovations that demonstrate the investment case for gender smart finance.
Anne-Marie Chidzero, CIO – FSD Africa Investments