Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission commences plan to strengthen capital markets in partnership with FSD Africa

SEC Nigeria, with the support of FSD Africa, begins a review of Nigeria’s 10-year Capital Markets Master Plan to better align it with the current economic climate.

ABUJA, Nigeria, December 17, 2020: The Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria (SEC Nigeria) and FSD Africa have today announced the start of a joint review of Nigeria’s 10-year Capital Markets Master Plan (CMMP) to support the country’s economic resilience amid new economic challenges including lower oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The review of the CMMP will see SEC Nigeria work with FSD Africa’s Regulator Support Programme to develop a revised 10-year CMMP that will strengthen Nigeria’s capital markets’ and their capacity for capital mobilization. The CMMP provides a vision for Nigeria’s capital market, as well as a roadmap with objectives to meet it.

The process will involve an assessment of progress made since the plan’s implementation to date and engaging with stakeholders for input. Thisthe introduction of more stringent tools to measure the plans progress against objectives, and the inclusion of new challenges, opportunities and risks related to the current environment into the plan.

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