Savings Groups

Savings groups help to strengthen individual and household resilience and enable economic activity at community level. The Savings Group Evidence and Learning Initiative (SGELI) is a 4-year partnership between FSD Africa and the SEEP Network – a US-based NGO. Together we are working to unlock the potential of savings groups across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our work focuses on 8 critical themes: access to formal finance, consumer protection, fragile and conflict-affected states, women’s empowerment, impact, inclusion, market system approaches, and technology.

The programme’s strategy is based on key market development principles, specifically the role that information, knowledge-sharing, and coordination can play in influencing the behaviours of market actors. To achieve our aim, in partnership with the SEEP Network, we generate evidence-based research and organise stakeholder workshops to influence policy making around the enabling environment for savings groups.

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