Linking refugees in Uganda to formal financial services

Kuria Wanjau

Manager, Fragile Communities and States

The Financial Inclusion for Refugees (FI4R) project which was jointly supported by FSD Uganda and BFA Global, and other partners (Equity Bank Uganda, VisionFund Uganda and Rural Finance Initiative) worked to offer financial services to refugees in Uganda.

In a world dealing with unprecedented crises, over 100 million people – equivalent to the population of the world’s 14th largest country – find themselves forcibly displaced. On May 23, 2022, the UNHCR unveiled a staggering reality: 1% of humanity is on the move, struggling for survival away from their homes. Beyond the distressing stories of human suffering, there lies a lesser-known struggle – the battle for financial inclusion and dignity. In this video, we uncover the profound journey of resilience and hope in the face of adversity of refugees in Uganda.

Through the lens of the financial diaries methodology, this animation offers a unique glimpse into the financial lives of refugees, revealing challenges, opportunities, and the relentless spirit of those fighting to rebuild their lives. The project, in partnership with a spectrum of financial service providers, including banks, MFIs, mobile network operators, and SACCOs, showcases practical insights and hopeful stories of empowerment and resilience.