CONFERENCE: AFSIC Investing in Africa Conference

Date: 10th – 11th October

Time: 10th October (8am BST) and 11th October (7am BST)

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FSD Africa is a key sponsor at this year’s AFSIC taking place in London, which is a forum that is focused on ensuring that attending companies seeking funding meet the right African investors to get the investment they require. We will be hosting four closed sessions on the following topics:

  1. Growing the private debt market in Africa
  2. Fintech for resilience – investing in innovation in a time of climate crisis
  3. Democratising carbon markets – an opportunity for African business
  4. Leveraging gender smart investing to drive growth: new instruments and asset classes

Access the detailed event agenda here.

We shall additionally host a media breakfast on 10th October (8am BST) and an investor breakfast for investees to share opportunities on 11th October (7am BST). Details will be shared in due course.