Financing Africa’s Urban Opportunity: The Why, What and How of Financing Green African cities

Date: 27 September, 2021
Time: 6:00pm EAT

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Join us and the Coalition for Urban Transitions at the Africa Climate Week for the launch of our new reportFinancing Africa’s Urban  Opportunity.

This side event, Financing Africa’s Urban OpportunityThe Why, What and How of Financing Green African citieshighlights urban opportunities in Africa; makes the economic case for sustainable urban infrastructure investment; and outlines financing solutions for low-carbon urban development applicable to the whole region. It contains specific new analysis and examples from South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya and demonstrates the economic benefits of the deployment of urban climate investments specifically in the buildings, transport and waste sectors.

Hosted as a side event in the framework of the UNFCCC’s Africa Climate Week, and under track 3: Seizing transformation opportunities, this side event will launch our new report, Financing Africa’s Urban Opportunity, highlighting how investing in low-carbon, climate-resilient, urban development across Africa’s rapidly expanding cities offers promising benefits and opportunities to accelerate growth across the continentThe session will bring together national and sub-national government decision-makers and high-profile climate and civil society leaders to explore and identify ways to implement the recommendations outlined in the report.

The event will feature insights from:

  • Mark Napier, CEO, FSD Africa
  • James Patterson, Director/Head of Cities and Infrastructure at Vivid Economics
  • Lin O’Grady, Deputy Director of EBRD’s Sustainable Infrastructure Group
  • Astrid Haas, Urban and Municipal Development Fund, African Development Bank
  • Bella Tonkonogy, Associate Director, Climate Finance at Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Manisha Gulati, Senior Adviser, Coalition for Urban Transitions
  • Anton Cartwright, Researcher at African Center for Cities
  • Anne-Marie Chidzero, CIO, FSD Africa Investments