Dissemination of the Ethiopia CPI Landscape on Climate Finance Case Study

Date: 23rd March, 08:30 am – 12:30 pm

As part of a knowledge series, in collaboration with FSD Ethiopia, FSD Africa is supporting the dissemination of this study to inform and facilitate discussions among policymakers and public and private financiers, identifying gaps and opportunities for scaling climate finance in Ethiopia. The report provides a deep-dive analysis of Ethiopia’s climate finance landscape in 2019/2020. Following an overview of climate-relevant strategies and plans in the country to date, along with financing needs, it also provides an in-depth analysis of climate finance flows in Ethiopia mapped across its value chainThe analysis is based on the methodology and database developed by CPI for the Landscape of Climate Finance in Africa (CPI, 2022).

This will be presented at the Climate Finance in Ethiopia and Global Best Practices event organised by FSD Ethiopia where Mark will be part of a panel discussion with the CPI team, the National Bank of Ethiopia and the Ministry of Finance.