Climate Bonds Connect 2022 – Global Conference

Date: 20 October, 2022

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For the 7th year running, our Climate Bonds annual conference, now part of the Climate Bonds CONNECT event series, continues to frame the global discourse and agenda on climate finance. As climate impacts batter communities on all continents, scientists agree we are facing a climate emergency and the window of opportunity to align our economies to a safer 1.5-degree pathway is closing fast. With so much volatility – where concerns about our planet’s future and its climate intersect with petrostate wars; food shortages; health pandemics; species extinction; cost of living increases and more, we have to find solutions fast. It

will not be easy, but there is hope.  The majority of the world’s institutional investors are aware of the risk such volatility poses to their portfolios if action is not taken. They have a mandate to ensure risk is mitigated over the long term – and they want to act. FSD Africa will be part of a panel titled “From Global to Local – tools to make it easier for us all”. This session will focus on next steps for taxonomy interoperability, differentially support the cost of capital and other tools available.