African Startups to Receive $385,000 to Develop Solutions for the Blue Economy

Triggering Exponential Climate Action (TECA) has announced the selection of seven startups that would benefit from the $385,000 startup grant, with each receiving $55,000 in funding to advance their solutions for the blue economy in Africa.

The startup founders were selected following their participation in TECA’s fellowship program, where they were supported to create ideas for companies in the blue economy, build teams, and form companies.

Each startup will receive $27,500 in seed capital and $27,500 in hands-on venture building support to progress financial and tech-enabled solutions that bolster the climate resilience of communities and ecosystems in and around the oceans, lakes, and rivers across the Eastern region of Africa.

Announcing the grant, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer at BFA Global, David del Ser, said: “Through the TECA program, we are proud to support and accelerate the development of innovative solutions that will protect and sustain the environment and vulnerable communities in the Eastern coast of Africa. These seven startups represent the forefront of the blue economy in Africa, and we look forward to seeing the impact of their financial and tech-enabled solutions on communities and ecosystems.”

Digital Economy Director at FSD Africa, Juliet Munro, said: “The ventures that have been formed through the TECA program are an inspiration. They represent young Africans – including women – coming forward with great ideas and solutions to climate-related challenges, in this case, in the blue economy. I’m proud that FSD Africa is supporting this initiative, which leverages finance and technology to help build resilience and create opportunity in the context of climate adversity. Through our partnership with BFA Global, we plan to roll out TECA beyond the blue economy to also solve for other challenges and geographies across Africa.”

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