Kenya Green Building Society Hands Over Certificate To Governor Sakaja

Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) in collaboration with the Financial Deepening Sector (FSD Africa) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), handed over the IFC EDGE plaque and certificate to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja in a colourful ceremony in Nairobi today.

The event meant to celebrate the Nairobi City County Governor’s office meeting the IFC EDGE Green Building standard, marking it as the first EDGE certified green government office building in Africa.

The certification follows the conclusion of the United Nations climate conference in Dubai in 2023, which emphasized the pivotal role of cities, local governments, and mayors in combating climate change.

While attending the ceremony, Governor Johnson Sakaja expressed his delight, highlighting two key points.

The Governor emphasized that Africa has the potential to lead the way in designing sustainable spaces to tackle future challenges, given the existing skills, incentives, and capabilities.

Governor Sakaja further expressed the importance of cities and local governments in driving the conversation on climate change and shaping cities that reflect dignity and progress, aligning with the vision of the Africa We Want, with Nairobi as its green capital.

This certification signifies leadership in climate action at the local government level and marks the initial step in Nairobi’s implementation of its Climate Action plan, solidifying its status as the green capital of the world.

Governor Sakaja emphasized that climate change, adaptation, and

environmental management are critical global challenges, but Nairobi stands out for its innovation,

resilience, and leadership.

Nasra Nanda, Chairperson of the Africa Regional Network at World GBC and CEO of KGBS, noted that the certification is not only a victory for Nairobi and other local governments but

also for Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Nasra expressed KGBS’s commitment to leveraging this milestone to advocate for green legislation and to make Nairobi truly the green and resilient capital of Africa, while also unlocking green finance for the city.

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