Welcoming our new director for credit markets

We are pleased to have Jared Osoro join us as the Director for Credit Markets effective 1st September 2020.

Jared has two decades of experience as a practising economist in the financial sector. Prior to joining FSD Africa, he had the dual responsibility of being the Director of Research and Policy at the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and the Director of the KBA Centre for Research on Financial Markets and Policy®.

For nearly eight years in that role, he spearheaded analytical work on policy and market dynamics to support market deepening and policy engagement. The body of knowledge arising from the research work has supported financial sector players in Kenya and the broader East African region in their strategic endeavour to drive the development aspirations of the region.

Jared’s passion and intellectual interest in finance as an engine of development were nurtured at the East African Development Bank where he served as Bank Economist for more than ten years.

Jared holds a Master of Science Dee in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi. Jared has published numerous journal essays for technical audiences as well as articles for a wider readership.

On his appointment, Jared said, “As I join FSD Africa, I have a good understanding of the various imperfections that characterize financial markets in Africa. While acknowledging the challenge of bridging the gap between the growth that the continent’s financial sector is experiencing and the ability of such growth to deliver development outcomes, I welcome the opportunity to be part of a diverse team that is dedicated to supporting the deepening of the financial system.”

“We are delighted to welcome Jared to FSD Africa. We will benefit greatly from his intellectual heft and unique insight into the regional financial system”.
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Jared lives in Nairobi with his wife and son. He is ideas-driven, hence his keen interest and obvious passion for reading.  He is an avid golfer playing as often as he can get a chance, which he regrets is as rare as once a week.