Kevin Kareithi

Assistant, Development Impact

Kevin brings a wealth of experience in software and data engineering from his previous roles and work experience. This includes an internship position here at FSD Africa where he has made significant contributions by enhancing the DIMIS platform with innovative features, streamlined data collection processes and introduced generative Artificial Intelligence to FSD Africa’s Development impact processes.

With a strong academic background including a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and certification in Software Engineering from ALX Africa, Kevin is well-equipped to contribute to FSD Africa’s Development Impact objectives.

In his new role, Kevin will play a crucial part in innovation building, data management, capacity building and AI integration, ultimately contributing to our efforts in improving development impact management processes.

Beyond his professional expertise, Kevin also enjoys playing chess games in his free time, a hobby that allows him to exercise strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

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