Waithera Njiiri

Programme Assistant ESG/GLI and Strategic risk

Waithera is a project management professional who is experienced in innovative designing and implementation of projects. She has over 6 years’ experience in the management and implementation of community projects in local and international non-governmental organisations. She has deep insight in establishing and coordinating basic and moderately complex project activities, engaging local and international liaisons and stakeholders and community participatory processes, aimed at ensuring delivery of quality, timely and innovative solutions.

Prior to joining FSD Africa, Waithera was engaged in project strategy planning, research, knowledge management, communication and advocacy of adolescent health projects in Kenya. She was able to impact the lives of over 7000 young people in the country through supporting and implementing small and mid-sized projects.  Waithera’s desire is to impact communities in meaningful and sustainable ways and as a Programme Assistant, contributes to FSD Africa’s strategy by supporting administration and ensuring smooth coordination of projects.

Waithera currently lives and works in Nairobi. She is an introverted person who enjoys exploring and experiencing new adventures. She loves dancing to African music and does crafty projects.

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