FSD Africa signs agreement with Africa Pensions Supervisors Forum at annual conference

Partnership to strengthen the continent’s pension sector, benefiting retirees and long-term savers.

Kigali, July 14 2022: The Africa Pensions Supervisors Forum (APSF) held its third annual forum in Kigali from July 14-15, 2022. The forum brought together pension supervisors from different African countries to deliver a harmonized approach for interventions and reforms in the pensions sector across the continent. The theme of the conference was “Resilience and sustainability of the pension sector amid the crisis- The case of covid 19 pandemic”.  Pension supervisors in Africa, relevant stakeholders, experts and partners in the pension industry shared experiences, discussed opportunities, challenges faced by the pension industry and new developments in the industry.

Through the network, countries will be better placed to tackle common problems and find solutions to challenges unique to Africa. The challenges include lower investment returns and Africa’s labour structure that comprises approximately 86% of labourers being in the informal sector and with limited access to the pension services.

By partnering with APSF we are jointly paving the way for a Harmonized approach towards interventions and reforms in the pensions sector. Our collaboration will forge solutions that speak to Africa’s unique pensions landscape.
Dr. Evans Osano, Director, Capital Markets – FSD Africa