IDRC and FSD Africa enter into a partnership to deepen financial inclusion using big data analytics

Nairobi, Monday 17th July 2017 – Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD Africa) and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) have entered into a partnership to implement the ‘Deepening Financial Inclusion Using Evidence Based Decision Making’ project.

Digital finance services are increasingly becoming a critical asset for financial service providers (FSPs) within sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Digital finance adoption is enabling these providers to improve their operating effectiveness and their service delivery to customers. Digital delivery channels are increasingly becoming a cost-effective method of enabling FSPs to reach a broader clientele. Further, there is a growing realisation within the financial sector that insights derived from analysis of FSPs internal data and big data leads to improved customer value propositions. Hence, it enables FSPs to provide relevant financial services to financially excluded market segments whi low-income women.

The project seeks to demonstrate to FSPs the benefits of using data to make evidence based decisions.  This will involve: i) building the capacity of FSP staff to use data to make evidence based decisions; ii) demonstrating the business case for FSPs to utilise internal data and big data to develop financial products that address the financial needs of different customer segments within their operating environments; iii) building the capacity of local research and data analytics communities to provide data handling support to FSPs; and iv) developing a toolkit that will provide guidance to FSPs seeking to use internal and external data to make evidence based decisions.

Paul Musoke, the Director Competitive Strategies at FSD Africa said: “We are pleased to be partnering with IDRC in this exciting journey. The most significant trend affecting the financial sector today is digital finance services, changing the way products are delivered at scale. With growing digital footprints driven bye mobile phone and internet, poor and excluded people are becoming less anonymous. Coupled with the exponential increase in data that provides deeper insights into how people manage their financial lives, data management and analytics capabilities are going to be imperative for the sustainability of FSPs going forward. The opportunities it offers to profitably reach excluded segments previously regarded as un-bankable, with relevant products at scale are truly exciting.’’

“This pioneering work with FSD Africa will make the business case for investing in data use and analysis, which will hopefully lead to the development of innovative financial products and services better suited for women. By helping service providers better understand women’s needs and the key barriers they are facing, we believe the gender gap in access to finance can be reduced. We know that when women have control over their finances, they are empowered to make better decisions for themselves and their families. We are confident s partnership will contribute to maximising the impact of financial inclusion in a way that fosters opportunities for women and the poor,’’ said Martha Melesse, Senior Program Specialist in charge of the project at IDRC.

The project will cover at least three (3) countries; Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Zambia and will run for a duration of 30 months.

It is our conviction that using data analytics to develop insights into customer preferences will be a powerful spur to game changing product innovation that will have a big impact on people’s lives within SSA.

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