Nairobi Climate Network announces the launch of the Carbon Markets Association of Kenya

The Nairobi Climate Network (NCN), a thriving community of professionals propelling climate action in Kenya, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Carbon Markets Association of Kenya (CAMAK) at a networking reception during the Kenya Carbon Markets Conference 2024.

This networking launch event is co-hosted by the Climate Impact Partners and supported by FSD Africa and Bowmans Law. It will bring together government officials, private sector leaders, financial institutions, and carbon markets experts to mark the establishment of this groundbreaking association. The partners congratulate the Kenyan government on the progress made to the forthcoming regulations and look forward to seeing Kenya leverage the potential of carbon markets for the benefit of its population and the planet.

The Carbon Markets Association of Kenya, incubated by the Nairobi Climate Network (NCN), represents a pivotal step in Kenya’s journey towards building a collaborative and enabling environment for high-quality and inclusive carbon projects. CAMAK’s vision is for Kenya to lead the world in generating high-quality carbon credits that bring tangible benefits to communities and the planet. Its mission is to unite carbon market practitioners and stakeholders, providing a collective voice for the industry in Kenya, while upholding the values of integrity, collaboration, and innovation.

CAMAK’s initial activities will focus on representing industry players, advocating for carbon market developments, and facilitating the sharing of best practices within the sector. Membership requirements include being registered in Kenya and actively engaging in project development or contributing to carbon market finance, research, or advisory. Fees will consist of an admission fee and an annual membership fee, with discounted rates for small-scale developers. During its setup phase, CAMAK will be incubated within the Nairobi Climate Network (NCN) with an interim governing council, which includes prominent industry figures such as Mahlon Walo, Bryan Adkins, Héloïse Zimmermann, Tarn Breedveld, Olivia Adhiambo, Lawrence Sogoh, Molly Brown, and Charles Waweru.

“We congratulate the Kenyan government on the progress made in carbon market regulations and are proud to have played a role in supporting these developments. We are delighted to transform our carbon markets working group into a formal industry association for the advancement of carbon markets in Kenya.Héloïse Zimmermann, Co-Founder, Nairobi Climate Network

“The launch of CAMAK demonstrates another significant step towards harnessing the potential of carbon markets for Kenya, and strengthening Kenya’s pathway to climate-positive growth. We look forward to engaging with the Association to continue the dialogue with industry players and ensure the development of high quality, inclusive carbon projects for Kenya.” Ali Mohammed, Special Envoy for Climate Change, Executive Office of the President of Kenya

“As developers of high-quality carbon projects, Climate Impact Partners is proud to support the establishment of CAMAK. This initiative reflects our shared commitment to advancing carbon markets in Kenya whilst unlocking new opportunities for sustainable development.” Faith Temba, Sourcing Manager, Climate Impact Partners

“Kenya has made impressive progress with its revised carbon markets regulations and is now in a strong position to leverage the potential of carbon markets for the benefit of its population and the planet. By bringing together industry players and stakeholders, CAMAK will play a crucial role in advancing carbon markets and climate finance, helping to accelerate climate action in Kenya” Mark Napier, CEO, FSD Africa

“Bowmans Law is pleased to see proactive engagement by the Kenyan government on the recent legislative developments, that will enable Kenya to realise the opportunities from carbon markets. We are proud to support the launch of CAMAK and see collective action from industry players helping to create a more enabling environment for carbon projects and leading to direct benefits for communities in Kenya.” Christina Nduba-Banja, Partner, Bowmans Law