World-first stress test shows African financial institutions are unprepared for nature-related risk

23 June 2022, Nairobi: A new report from Vivid Economics by McKinsey and the UK-funded financial sector development agency FSD Africa underlines the importance for financial institutions to unlock the potential benefits of investing in businesses that protect and grow nature.

Applying first-of-its-kind analysis to three private banks and the financial systems of Zambia, Egypt, Ghana, Mauritius, Kenya, and South Africa, the report shows that for the most exposed lending portfolios, for example, in Zambia and Ghana, nature-related risks in agriculture and extractives could almost double expected losses by 2030, wiping $millions off the value of their loan books. These nature-related risks are comparable with climate-related risks seen in similar sectors.

The impacts of shifting to a nature-positive society are material and already underway. There is a significant upside to be captured but financial institutions must institute new approaches to portfolio management that get ahead of changing regulation – of consumer preferences, and of the huge economic damage threatened by tipping points in critical natural systems.
Mark Napier, CEO – FSD Africa