DMAC Toolkit: Unleashing the power of data to transform your business

With more data being created at a faster rate than ever before, it can be hard for financial service providers (FSPs) to know what to do with the plethora of data available to them. FSPs are capturing large amounts of data on their internal systems and also have access to external data – as a result of improved connectivity and increasing smartphone penetration, as well as through publicly available external data (e.g. national surveys).

However, many FSPs are not making full use of this data as they may not understand its full potential, have information overload, inefficient processes and systems, and think it is expensive to make use of data. The toolkit aims to help FSPs understand the different data sources available to them and how to use them effectively to transform their business.

Although primarily aimed at FSPs, the toolkit may also be of use and interest to those who provide services to FSPs in their respective markets (such as data management and research firms) and other organisations wanting to implement programmes that encourage FSPs to make more and better use of data.

The toolkit draws on the valuable learning gained through the Data Management and Analytics Capabilities (DMAC) programme that uses data-driven evidence to help FSPs in sub-Saharan Africa to design inclusive and affordable financial products and services that respond to the needs of unserved and under-served adults, with a particular focus on women and youth.