Private debt markets markets in Africa

We engaged Lion’s Head Global Partners to conduct a study on Private Debt markets in Africa. While keeping a pan-African perspective, the study focussed on Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco as markets of strategic importance. South Africa was used as a reference market, given the development of the financial sector and the size and scale of the South African institutional investor base.

In addition to desk research and data analysis, the outputs, analysis, and recommendations were driven by stakeholder consultations, workshops, and interviews to both reflect individual positions, but also generate buy-in from stakeholders.

The insights from the study will support FSD Africa’s overarching strategic goal to mobilise long-term finance in local currency to support Africa’s development priorities and inform our transaction support, regulatory initiatives and knowledge and capacity-building engagements under its Africa Private Equity and Private Debt programme. The study will also benefit stakeholders including institutional investors, borrowers, regulators and policymakers, who seek to improve the enabling environment.