Supporting the growth of financial inclusion: building the market for executive coaching in Nigeria

This is a consultancy research report on Executive Coaching in Nigeria by Creative Mertier presented to FSD Africa in May 2016. It examines the current market ecosystem, state of the Nigerian Financial Sector, Estimates of potential demand and coaching supply and makes recommendations on the opportunities for barriers and potential market stimulation activities.

FSD Africa (FSDA) has identified executive coaching as a powerful tool to support the growth of the financial sector across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), and has invested in understanding the state of markets and stimulating their future growth. The long-term objective of this work is to enhance the internal capacity of SSA financial service providers (FSPs) and ultimately to expand the percentage of the continent‘s population included in the financial system.

This report marks the continuation of FSDA‘s investigation into the state of development of the executive coaching market for the financial sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Following a 2013 examination of the state of the coaching market in Kenya and Zambia, FSDA commissioned Creative Metier in 2015 to research the state of the Nigerian market.

This report:

  • Extends the research methodology developed by Creative Metier in 2013 to understand the nature and current status of the executive coaching provision available to leaders of FSPs in Nigeria
  • Identifies market development considerations to be taken into account by FSDA when seeking to sustainably impact the supply, demand, existing market structures and rules and regulations in order to increase impact on financial inclusion, and any associated risks to be managed
  • Proposes recommendations for immediate actions where relevant, including identification of local partners, and outlines potential interventions for detailed consideration of feasibility